Age is opportunity no less,
Than youth itself, though in another dress
And as the evening twilight fades away,
The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Get your life back on track
If you’re sincere about reclaiming your health and control of your life, then you need to ask yourself a few questions, and to consider your responses honestly and forthrightly. Please click on the questions below to expand their contents.
How would you live your life if you could regain your youth?
Don’t just gloss over this! Imagine that your youth is restored, and remember how it feels to be alive, energised and pain free. Enjoying the simple things in life.
Carefully consider how you intend to use this second chance.
Hopefully you have become wiser and learned from your past experiences. Or will you repeat the same mistakes you made the first time around?
Look around and observe people around you do they look happy, content, fulfilled, healthy? If not, what are they doing about it. Can you learn from their mistakes (and yours) or will you keep going around in circles, on the wheel, making the same mistakes in a state of chronic exhaustion. Do you believe that you will be any different to them?
Would you squander your health, your precious time and energy to turn it into money, or would you invest it wisely?
Have you learned from your life what is of real value? Seriously!
We all value different things, be they material possessions, companionship, freedom etc. But there’s one thing they all have in common, and that is that to enjoy them requires a healthy mind in a healthy body. Fame and fortune are not an antidote to pain and weariness.
Mostly, it’s the simple things in life that are the most rewarding and pleasurable. Things like walking comfortably, without effort or (whether on the streets or in the mountains). Being active and able to move without restriction so you can play with the kids, go dancing … you name it. Let’s face it, a good set of pins is infinitely better than a wheelchair, even if it is a Ferrari!
Before we can find solutions we have to determine what the problems are, and that means asking the appropriate questions. Questions that we are uncomfortable with and that we try to avoid asking.
What will happen if you just let things go on as per usual?
Will you just wait till the last moment to put your life in order?
How much do you really enjoy life, or are you merely filling in the space between the cradle and the grave with work, tv and things to put in your mouth to fill an internal emptiness?
How much energy do you have, and are you satisfied with that? By energy, I mean vitality, not the artificial, addictive and dangerous stimulants that comes in cans, bottles and capsules.
How well are you managing the stress of your daily life?
If stress is managing you then you have lost control of your life and are essentially functioning in damage control mode. lurching from one crisis to the next.
How long do you think you will live?
Do you think that you will simply become ill and die before your allotted time? The reality is that the degradation of health accelerates the ageing process, and not just that your lifespan will be reduced, but that your latter years will be spent in pain and misery.
Such a fate or finale is unacceptable and preventable. Let’s keep things in perspective. Longevity, in other words quantity, is not as important as the quality of life. Investing wisely in your health will reap the real long-term rewards, with interest plus.
Your golden years and longevity are about living longer, not merely lingering longer as a quasi vegetable in front of your TV with a painkiller and a beer. Will you be satisfied with being a burden not only to yourself, but to others as well. A burden to your loved ones and dependent on the state?
Do you have to change your lifestyle and give up all the things you enjoy?
Why should you make an effort? Isn’t the aging process beyond our control, let alone not reversible, like entropy? And isn’t it too late to change the circumstances of your health and wind back your biological clock? To manage your health and rejuvenate is it necessary to change your lifestyle, give up all the things you enjoy, and retire to a monastery in Tibet?
Let’s be absolutely clear about something. Life is not just a complex chemical reaction or neurological algorithm. Biochemistry accompanies and supports life, but there are forces and factors at work that are beyond our awareness and current understanding. The scientific annals are full of reports of spontaneous remission of serious diseases, and we have all heard stories about miraculous cures and health transformations. Not all such incidents can be dismissed as illusory or wishful thinking.
Where there’s life, there’s hope, where there’s a spark, there’s the possibility of rekindling the flame. One of the keys to rejuvenation is desire: your passion for life and your preparedness to take positive and practical steps towards self-regeneration.
But no, taking these steps doesn’t necessitate drastic lifestyle changes. Quite the contrary, the shock and discomfort of such drastic measures puts extra stress on both body and psyche, and let’s not forget that stress is the mother of disease and accelerated aging.
Are you ready to reclaim your inheritance?
Ultimately, the power to take back control of your health, life and destiny is in your hands. We each have our own unique desires and dreams, as well as perception of what constitutes good health.
This is not just a philosophical exercise – these are the real questions you need to reflect on and answer, because rejuvenation is achievable. It’s not a myth or new age fantasy. Actually, it’s going on constantly in your body, you only need to learn how to foster these biological processes instead of working against them. Bear in mind that aging is actually a process of maturation, refinement and fruition it’s only as destructive as the lifestyle is. Aging happens when the body tissues dry out. And you can’t fix that by just drinking more water.
So, the final and most important question remains, namely:
How can you slow and reverse the aging process? How long does it take?
A central feature of any effective health oriented program, regardless of whether it’s disease prevention, rehabilitation or health optimisation, is awareness and sensitivity. Awareness not only of what you’re doing but also how you’re doing it. Accordingly, Kinergetix is considerably more than a rejuvenation program - it is a process which is focused on mental as well as physical regeneration.
This unique, state-of-the-art rejuvenation and rehabilitation modality has been developed, refined and tested in clinic for more than thirty years, and is now introduced to Australia from Europe.
The Kinergetix Golden Years program embodies a wholistic approach to health, integrating the best clinically-validated exercise therapies, both mainstream and alternative, Western and Eastern, ancient and cutting edge.
The Golden Years program is focussed on mental as well as physical regeneration, and has aided many people attain a healthy, pain-free, active and functional lifestyle.

Give us one month and we’ll give you the keys to rejuvenation.

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What are you waiting for?
Contact us when you’re ready to take real steps to wind back your biological clock, regain your vitality and freedom of movement, and resume control of your life and health. If not now, then when?
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