Stand like a mountain, move like a great river.

Kinergetix EQ is the most advanced and effective balance enhancement program available. It has been forty years in development and instrumental in helping many people regain their equilibrium, both physical and psychological.
Eye of the Cyclone
With KX EQ you will relearn how to move in the way that your body was designed to: natural, easy, fluid, harmonious, efficient and pain-free.
You’ll not only feel better – you’ll function (and look) better too.
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Lose your balance and you’ll fall, with consequences ranging from pain through to disability and even death. When you’re young, a fall may only bruise your ego. Later in life though you can do some serious damage, leading to a vicious circle of reduced activity and increased risk of falling.
But balance is not just about being steady on your feet – it’s the foundation for all your physical activity.
The statistics are that one in three males and every other female over the age of sixty will have fractures due to osteoporosis. Furthermore, falls account for a third of fatal injuries amongst this age group, and this percentage increases sharply after the age of seventy.
The good news is that research shows balance decline is not an inevitable result of aging - it is in part due to disuse and de-conditioning, and is partially reversible with training.

Kinergetix - reclaim control of your body, your health, your life, your destiny.

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Dynamic Equilibrium Program

Move, work and play smart.

Kinergetix EQ will significantly help you:
   Create a solid foundation by building lower-body strength, endurance and sure-footedness
   Develop core stability and supple, firm waist
   Improve upper body mobility
   Enhance balance, agility, coordination and motor control
   Beef up postural tone
   Correct dysfunctional movement patterns
   Restore your equilibrium, i.e. physical, emotional and mental stability.
KX EQ programs also confer wider health and wellness benefits beyond falls prevention. These include Increased vitality and personal energy, reduced stress, and enhanced immune system functioning.
With Kinergetix you’ll not just acquire physical stability, but you’ll balance up all aspects of your being, and attain greater serenity and equanimity.
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