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Internal Alchemy
Alchemy! That word probably conjures up an image in your mind of a medieval magician working in an arcane laboratory, trying to change lead into lucre. The transmutation of base materials into gold may have been an ostensible goal of archaic chemistry, but the goals of internal alchemy are mens sana in corpore sano, i.e. health (in the physical realm); serenity, illumination and transcendence (in the spiritual realm). However, a healthy body and mind is not an end in itself – they are your primary tools for all that you do with your life, be it for material gain or personal growth and evolution.
People spare no expense when it comes to lotions, potions and surgery in their quest for health and beauty, while ignoring the fact that the elixirs of life are within their own bodies. These vital energies (i.e. life force) and the hormones that drive and regulate us are depleted through the stresses and strains of daily life. Once the élan vital is exhausted, decrepitude and death ensue.
The good news is that you can substantially regenerate your physical body and vital processes via the practices of internal alchemy. The goals of internal alchemy are mens sana in corpore sano, i.e. health (in the physical realm); clarity, focus and acuity (in the mental sphere); serenity, illumination and transcendence (in the spiritual realm).
E = mc^2
In alchemical terms, Kinergetix is a process for transmuting matter into energy, and using that energy to transform yourself and the environment. In practice, Kinergetix is dynamic meditation body, mind and spirit working together in harmony. The method has evolved from the marriage of the Western biomechanical and medical sciences with Eastern bioenergetics arts. In essence it draws upon the most effective practices of spiritual development, combining them into programs relevant to modern day lifestyles and understandings.

Kinergetix - reclaim control of your body, your health, your life, your destiny.

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WORK SMART: Ergonomic workshops for workplace injury prevention and productivity
EYE of the CYCLONE: regain your equilibrium - physical, emotional and mental.
BACK in ACTION: Routines to build a strong, supple spine and banish back pain.
SHOGUN: Compact routines for the high-powered Executive
Menopause and beyond: conquering osteoporosis, balance loss, and hormone deficiency
Code Warrior: Reprogramming your personal computer (i.e. YOU)

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