The premier program for managing & preventing chronic disease and disability
Kinergetix is a wholistic integration of the best clinically-validated exercise therapies - Western and Eastern, mainstream and alternative, ancient and modern.
Chronic health issues: management & prevention
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Chronic pain, disability and fatigue will reduce you to a state of misery that money cannot compensate for. How do you put a price on quality of life, pain, the stress on family relationships, reduced effectiveness, and the accompanying psychological baggage that goes with chronic health issues?
And to add insult to injury, chronic diseases are killing and disabling people at their peak productivity and in their golden years. In fact, the statistics are that 82% of those aged 65+ have one or more chronic diseases, and that more than half of all potentially preventable hospitalisations are from chronic conditions.
The good news is that if you are prepared to take an intelligent approach to your diet, physical activities and stress management, then you can appreciably improve your health and overall wellbeing. Moreover, these gains in health and functionality don’t necessitate major lifestyle changes or giving up what you enjoy.
The message is clear: "Physical exercise is acknowledged as the most significant intervention for reducing the risk of virtually all chronic diseases".
(Booth et al., Journal of Applied Physiology. 2000)
A word of caution though - it’s not just about being more active (i.e. quantity), but about quality of movement. It's about moving, working and playing smart.
Not just a case of what you do, but how you do, otherwise you’ll exacerbate your condition by accelerating the wear and tear on your body.
With Kinergetix you will relearn how to move in the way that your body was designed to: natural, easy, fluid, harmonious, efficient and pain-free.
You’ll not only feel better – you’ll function better too.
The solutions we offer are practical, affordable, and achievable, and provide long-lasting symptom relief in many chronic conditions. Kinergetix is appropriate for everybody, regardless of age, fitness level or health status.

Give us one month and we’ll give you the keys to rejuvenation.

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Why Kinergetix?
Because it really works. It’s simple, fun, stress free, safe, and affordable. You’ll not only feel better, you’ll function and look better too.
What is Kinergetix?
Kinergetix is the offspring from the marriage of the Western sciences of exercise physiology, human movement and fitness conditioning with Eastern mind+body therapies and martial arts.
What are you waiting for?
Contact us when you’re ready to take real steps to wind back your biological clock, to regain your vitality and freedom of movement, and to resume control of your life and health. But don’t leave it until it’s too late - if not now, then when?
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