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Our mission
Our staff and instructors work together on a consultative basis in order to provide you with the integrated health care service that you need.
Our ethos is to encourage and facilitate a lifetime commitment to improved health and lifestyle management. To achieve this, we utilise motivational approaches, health-awareness educational measures, and mind-body conditioning programs and workshops.
These strategies provide the means for proactive individuals to change entrenched behavioural patterns and obtain positive physiological, lifestyle and vocational outcomes.
Your health – our concern
ENE d.o.o.
This dynamic young company has been in operation since 2009 as a provider of wholistic health care services, personal training and lifestyle counselling.
During this time we have assisted many hundreds of our clients to achieve significant and enduring outcomes in resolving their health & wellness issues, both chronic and acute.
In addition to symptom relief, the benefits are a healthier, more independent lifestyle; and an extension of productive lifespan.
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WORK SMART: Ergonomic workshops for workplace injury prevention and productivity
EYE of the CYCLONE: regain your equilibrium - physical, emotional and mental.
BACK in ACTION: Routines to build a strong, supple spine and banish back pain.
SHOGUN: Compact routines for the high-powered Executive
Menopause and beyond: conquering osteoporosis, balance loss, and hormone deficiency
Code Warrior: Reprogramming your personal computer (i.e. YOU)

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